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Technologies for Achieving Field-Ubiquitous Computing
Akira Nagashima

Director, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President of Corporate Research and Development Headquarters, Yokogawa Electric Corporation
President of The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE)

Speech Summary

The word "ubiquitous" may sound like an information appliance jargon. But I am confident that ubiquitous computing has been eagerly awaited in industrial automation sites as well. In this speech, I want to present our vision of field-ubiquitous computing and propose Internet Protocol based Instrumentation which will realize Manufacturing Excellence. We have focused on five key issues that we view as essential for IP Instrumentation:

  1. IPv6 standardization
  2. IPv6 interface to be embedded in field devices
  3. compatibility with FOUNDATION fieldbus
  4. network security for field applications and
  5. wireless technologies that complement IP Instrumentation.
And furthermore, I will propose a framework called "Field Overlay Architecture" in which various issue-solving systems are overlaid onto existing systems.

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