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Cognitive Automation
ChairGerhard Pratl 
ChairWolfgang Kastner 
ChairMartin Wollschlaeger 
The list of track sessions and articles can be found here.

Conventional automation systems operate well in well-defined environments, but face problems in complex, dynamically changing environments. Future automation has to move away from passive, inflexible systems towards autonomous tools that cooperate with the operator.

Such systems require design and implementation of complex systems; the way to go is cognitive automation: applying cognitive concepts to automation. The benefits are reduced efforts for planning, increased flexibility and the ability to react to unforeseen situations. The integration of cognition into automation requires the understanding of cognitive systems and its tools: knowledge representation by means of ontologies, semantic associations, memory, learning, perception.

This special session brings together experts in the areas of cognitive systems and automation to discuss the latest trends and exchange their research results.

Topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Design of complex systems
  • Ontologies for automation
  • Cooperative systems, human-machine interaction
  • Computational models of human cognitive abilities